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Halvana is a one-of-a-kind product that required a unique marketing strategy for its national launch at Walmart and across social media. Halvana creates high-quality, flavorful, and 100% natural shelf-stable products like tahini, hummus, and halva made from stone-milled and fire-roasted sesame seeds. The brand combines artisanal manufacturing techniques with a modern brand experience. Our team used various channels, including social media, newsletters, digital ads, and influencer relations, to creatively tell the Halvana brand story and promote its delicious, nutritious, and portable products nationwide.


Social Media Management, Content Creation, Influencer Engagement, Digital Advertising, National Product Launch and Media Relations


We collaborated with a team of talented animators to develop unique assets for the national launch of Halvana products at Walmart Canada. Our marketing efforts, including digital ads, influencer partnerships, sampling campaigns, and couponing app promotions, were successful in driving sales nationwide.

We hit the road and tackled some epic adventures with our influencer partnerships to showcase Halvana's portable and ready-to-eat products. From mountain tops to school drop-offs, we showed that Halvana is the perfect companion for any on-the-go adventure.

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