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Challenge: Create fun and relatable content for Bangrang Hard Seltzer’s while promoting new launches with LCBO.


Solution: Team up with our network of creators and animators to highlight the various Bangarang Seltzer products. We looped in two always-on creators, utilized influencer seeding, product drops at local businesses, paid influencers, DJ cross-promotions and product tasting events to capture unique content to be used across social media and in advertisements. 




We created a variety of trending content pieces that consisted of both hi-fidelity videos and animations as well as reels and influencer content to promote Bangarang Hard Seltzers. Multiple videos went viral on Tiktok resulting in the specific product selling out across Ontario at local Beer Store’s and massive brand recognition. 






Social Media Management, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Influencer Engagement

Strong Edition

Big Banger Goes Viral

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