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Bestway Canada

Bestway Canada is your go-to destination for high-quality inflatable products, including pools, air mattresses, and various outdoor and children's items.


Challenge: Manage all social media platforms to drive engagement, create a unique content strategy, and elevate Bestway Canada’s online social presence.

Solution: Work with our amazing creators across Canada to capture fun, social-media friendly content while aligning on a content strategy that emphasizes influencer engagement and trending videos to expand organic reach outside of paid ads. In addition, we utilized paid ads to compliment Bestway’s retail partners including Walmart Canada, Costco Canada, and Canadian Tire.


Social Media Management, Content Creation, Influencer Engagement, Campaign Ideation, Digital Advertising

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We saw an increase in engagement across all platforms through more authentic and easily watchable content. A collection of hi-fidelity images and video content were saved to repurpose through social channels over time.

We're not here just to post, our goal monthly with every brand is to create strategies that continue to help the channels we manage grow their community. For Bestway, we love utilizing the giveaway method for Instagram and Facebook, often with Bestway Canada's partners Walmart Canada, Canadian Tire and Giant Tiger to bring a new audience to the table.

Social Growth

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