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GelaSkins offers customized technology cases, providing personalized styles for your devices, while safeguarding your tech essentials.


Challenge: Manage all social media platforms to increase engagement, create a unique content strategy, and drive conversions through social media.

Solution: Build a unique content strategy to amplify the uniqueness of the Gelaskins brand and their protective tech cases, while collaborating with local influencers and artists to increase general awareness.


Social Media Management, Content Creation, Influencer Engagement, Campaign Ideation, Digital Advertising

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Social Growth

We're not here just to post, our goal monthly with every brand is to create strategies that continue to help the channels we manage grow their community. For Gelaskins, we loved utilizing the giveaway method for Instagram followers, while also using authentic and organic video content to showcase the unique tech protection offered.


Results: Through showcasing the uniqueness of the customizable phone cases and partnering with local artists and creators, Gelaskins witnessed a notable increase in social media engagement. The strategy not only heightened the brand's online visibility in a competitive space, but also reached engaged, new audiences.

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