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Side Launch

Collingwood-based Side Launch Brewing Co. is your go-to local craft beer spot, crafting a variety of flavourful brews that balance tradition and innovation.


Challenge: Manage all social media platforms to drive engagement, create a unique content strategy, and elevate Side Launch’s online social presence.

Solution: Build a unique content strategy emphasizing the local beer scene and amplifying the craftiness of the Side Launch brand by attending beer gardens, local tastings, and coordinating product drops at local businesses, while simultaneously collaborating with local influencers to increase general awareness.


Social Media Management, Content Creation, Influencer Engagement, Campaign Ideation, Digital Advertising



Side Launch witnessed a notable increase in social media engagement. The strategy not only heightened the brand's online visibility in a highly competitive space, but also reached new audiences outside of the traditional beer scene.

We're not here just to post, our goal monthly with every brand is to create strategies that continue to help the channels we manage grow their community. For Side Launch, we loved showcasing different local brand collaborations and highlighting in-store events to bring in new audiences.

Social Growth

Photo credit: ODL Designs

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