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Jimmy the Greek

Jimmy the Greek is a staple Canadian fast-food chain known for its authentic Greek menu, including options such as souvlaki, gyros, Greek salads, and other Mediterranean dishes.


Challenge: Manage all social media platforms to drive engagement, create a unique content strategy, and elevate Jimmy the Greek’s online social presence.

Solution: Devise a content calendar that reflects the authenticness of Jimmy the Greek while working with our amazing creators to showcase how they Gimme Jimmy. We briefed the team but allowed them to incorporate their own personal style to create fun, trending and original content.


Social Media Management, Content Creation, Influencer Engagement, Campaign Ideation, Digital Advertising

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Social Growth

We created a variety of content pieces that consisted of hi-fidelity videos and graphics, as well as influencer videos which increased overall engagement across platforms while highlighting all the ways that people can enjoy Jimmy the Greek.

We're not here just to post, our goal monthly with every brand is to create strategies that continue to help the channels we manage grow their community. For Jimmy the Greek, we integrated "Streeters" to bring JTG to the community, ran consistent monthly giveaways, and focused on genuine influencer content to showcase all of the methods of buying your Greek favourites.


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