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Score Pizza

Score Pizza is a popular Canadian pizza chain known for its customizable and casual dining experience, allowing customers to build-their-own pizzas with a variety of fresh toppings.


Challenge: Manage all social media platforms to drive engagement, create a unique content strategy, and elevate Score Pizza’s online social presence.

Solution: Build a unique content strategy built on family values to stay authentic to the brand, while collaborating with local influencers from each location to create content mirroring the unique experience of that specific site.


Social Media Management, Content Creation, Influencer Engagement, Campaign Ideation, Digital Advertising



Score Pizza's emphasis on family-centric content and partnerships with local influencers drove a substantial increase in social media engagement, amplifying the brand's presence and establishing a connection with new audiences.

We're not here just to post, our goal monthly with every brand is to create strategies that continue to help the channels we manage grow their community. For Score Pizza, we invite local influencers to experience the uniqueness of each location and highlight fun new campaigns such as giveaways and the Score Pizza loyalty program.

Social Growth

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